Can I receive a psychic reading through the website?

No, we cannot provide a psychic reading through the website. The website is meant to educate people on The Dragonfly device and how it works. You will need the actual Dragonfly Spirit Amplifier device in your presence in order to connect to your spirit guides to ask for guidance.

How does it work?

The Dragonfly device itself is a spirit amplifier. It emits a high frequency which allows you to tap into the spiritual plane and communicate with your spirit guides.

Step 1

Plug in the Dragonfly Spirit Amplifier and flip the switch on the front of the device to turn it on.

Step 2

The connection: This involves a simple mental process in which you form a space in your mind to invite your guides in to communicate with you. You will also recite a prayer of protection to ensure a positive experience and one that is only in alignment for your highest good.

Step 3

Listening to the sound file: The sound file is on an MP3 player and is made up of non-discernible voices similar to the sound of a busy cafe. When you listen to the file, your spirit guides are able to manipulate the sounds within it to create spoken, identifiable, audible words.

Step 4

Start the conversation: Your spirit guides will not give you answers on a silver platter or make decisions for you. Your guides understand how you think and will give you information that will guide your thoughts to help you gain greater insight into your questions or problems. We recommend writing down the words as you hear them. At times the messages can be cryptic and somewhat riddle like. Our Playshops and Dragonfly Agents can assist you with deciphering your messages to figure out what they mean to you.

Do I need to be in a certain frame of mind for the communication to work?

No. With a bit of focus you only have to listen to what is being said. You treat this communication just like you would with any other communication. Talk – Listen – Talk – etc. It is that easy.

Can I talk directly to a loved one?

YES! There are three possibilities that might happen:

  1. You might hear the voice you remember.
  2. You might hear vocal tones and verbal similarities, like things they would commonly say.
  3. You might hear a voice that represents them but will not sound like them, but they will give you every indication it is them. You will get the best results by trusting the process and treating the conversation like they are right next to you.

How do I know this is real?

When you hear the voice, ask questions and you will hear the answers. It is up to you to judge the reality of what is in fact happening. Honestly it is real, very real!

What if I am a skeptic?

No problem. Can you trust your ears? You will hear them speak to you. You do not need to believe in a particular model of the afterlife. You may be more comfortable thinking of those you are talking to as your guardian angels or ancestors. What is important to know is that those you are speaking to are safe, love you and are happy to help. Belief is not required, just an open mind and let the experience speak for itself.

Can I create a business with The Dragonfly?

Yes, when you purchase The Dragonfly you are purchasing a turnkey business. We provide you with all of the support materials needed to set you up for success. We will promote your event and give you the tools needed to run a successful workshop from your business, home or even hosting events in partnership with another business.

What can I expect to experience when I attend a Dragonfly event?

We call our Dragonfly workshops “Playshops” because essentially you are playing with your spirit guides and building a relationship with them. Dragonfly events teach you about spirit guides and how to get the most out of your conversations with them. Once you connect to your spirit guides and receive messages we will help you decipher and decode them to figure out what they mean to you. The information learned in a Playshops is transferable to Dragonfly owners so that they can help others decode their messages too.

Where can I attend an event to experience The Dragonfly?

All of our events are listed on our facebook page

If you do not see an event listed in your area, please refer to the contact form on the website. Once you let us know where you would like to attend an event we can keep you posted with opportunities in your area. We are actively promoting, referring readings and events with all of our Dragonfly Agents as inquiries come in.

Where can I purchase The Dragonfly and what is the cost to purchase?

If you are interested in purchasing The Dragonfly, please fill out the contact form and a sales representative will contact you to provide pricing information.